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The development of hydraulic machinery industry

Published:2014-06-06 16:29:01Source:This siteViews:2030

The development of hydraulic machinery industry, numerical control, servo, automation equipment for the target direction of hydraulic machine industry thirty years of reform and opening up, it is the rapid growth of manufacturing industry, also the achievement Chinese economy in the world today, it is beautiful, Gree such national enterprises work with quiet hard application, which makes the manufacturing industry to become the strong force China rise. Xin Tai Ming Machinery Co., Ltd. is to high and new, sharp as the core technical force, professional production and sales of hydraulic equipment, pneumatic equipment, automatic machine, CNC machinery. Even today Chinese export products, manufacturing is still maintain Chinese as the main force big trading country in the world, today Chinese economy transformation upgrade, still very much depends on the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry China.

In the manufacturing industry as the leading economy now is the future must be the backbone Chinese economy, but also a place or a country prosperous and powerful guarantee. Therefore, China manufacturing industry of today, the national enterprise China today, not the media distort, also cannot withstand hostile critics, uphold the objective and fair attitude, stand in the comprehensive rational position, is always the pursuit of the most basic Chinese media, but also to their minimum requirement, contact the relevant reports beautiful, Gree recent, it is not difficult to find the media not to the scene depth news events, enterprises have a professional design and development team, established a complete quality management system and excellent after sale service department, the real implementation of the pre-sale, sale, after sale services, Xin Tai Ming machine to create greater interest in a strong, high-quality service wholeheartedly for the customers. But often believe there are pictures and the truth of the sense of self, motionless on the issue has seriously biased reports, overwhelmingly stand on the moral and the height of the industry guidance and evalsuation part of facts, to the identity without forethought to enterprises with the boss's decision, tendency of such reports revealed has not only remained in some of the media, but a tendency. Through large-scale transformation of the equipment, and improve enterprise automation production capacity, but also use positive means, a path to the artificial shortage of enterprise transformation. Shenzhen Xin Tai Ming Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in R & D and manufacturing assembly of hydraulic machine manufacturers, hydraulic machine, hydraulic machine manufacturers, Shenzhen hydraulic machine, hydraulic machine Shenzhen, Zhongshan hydraulic stretching machine, hot press molding hydraulic machine, hydraulic press of Shenzhen, Huizhou press, Longgang press, Chongqing four column hydraulic machine, hydraulic press. Xingtaiming patent services, listing and financing services, technical services, to provide comprehensive support for enterprises to improve their innovation favorable is, development ability.

Shenzhen Xin Tai Ming hydraulic machine company main products are: four column hydraulic machine, hydraulic machine, CNC hydraulic machine, hydraulic press, hydraulic press, Shenzhen Shenzhen hydraulic machine, hydraulic machine, hydraulic cutting machine, IMD molding machine, servo press, direct manufacturers, according to customer requirements first, China brand. For more information please go to: http://www.sz-taiming.com/