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A quarter of the hydraulic machine market slightly

Published:2014-06-06 16:27:01Source:This siteViews:1470

A quarter of the hydraulic machine market slightly, hydraulic machine sales generally show a steady trend, with the guidance of policy, infrastructure, public acceptance of degree deepen, the opportunity to model hydraulic press hydraulic machine market quarter slightly better. The CNC servo hydraulic machine is the most eye-catching performance, year-on-year sales growth and cumulative year-on-year growth of 68.12% and 32.17% respectively. The first quarter of 2014, although the ordinary hydraulic machine 5% year-on-year decline, but the car market sales growth, the electronics industry, heavy industry machinery industry to enhance improved terminal market driven, hydraulic machine industry overall performance.

Shenzhen Xin Tai Ming Machinery Co., Ltd. is a hydraulic machine manufacturers specializing in design, R & D, manufacturing hydraulic machine, hydraulic machine, precision CNC Servo Presses, high-speed precision punch and other products. From the total yield and total sales, sales China and Japan close, were $9375000000 and $9690000000, but the sales amount is 6200000 tons and 2870000 tons. That is to say of fastener products export of China's largest tonnage, but the value is the lowest, so be sure to value-added efforts in the technological content of export products. Export the year-on-year growth in 2009, due to the financial crisis and the impact of EU anti-dumping, China's exports fasteners is a record low, only 1610000 tons. Feng Jinyao explained. China hydraulic machine industry is faced with shuffle transformation, continuing overcapacity and fastener sales decline, some enterprises to survive the pressure increase.

Development of a fastener enterprises, must build the core competitiveness of enterprises and the cultivation of inner power industry, but most of the current our country enterprise because of fastening the lack of innovation, advanced technology and lack of intellectual property rights, lack of technical talents in enterprises. As China's economy sustained rapid development, our country hydraulic machine industry has continued to overcome various difficulties, seize the domestic market, relying on the development of automobiles, shipbuilding, High-speed Rail, advanced manufacturing, IT and electronic appliances and other major emerging industries, has the innovation, transformation as the focus, adjust the structure of products unremittingly, let hydraulic machine industry to achieve the constant after winter trends. Xingtaiming hydraulic machine enterprises the most important is to improve their combat effectiveness, and grasp quality, high quality routes, and special, special, fine will be the only way which must be passed of fastener enterprises development.

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